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Partner Program Benefits

Why publish with Viigo?

The industry's best way to mobilize content.

Now the best way to view mobile content on a smartphone is also the easiest way to mobilize your content, and "one of the best advertising platforms on mobile."

Delight your Subscribers & Reach New Readers
  • Delivered right to your subscribers' smartphones, your content will delight your readers in an easy-to-use, made-for-mobile application that will keep them tuned in.
  • Reach the rapidly-growing community of Viigo subscribers demanding anytime anywhere access to information.
Mobilize your Content Easily & Quickly
  • With Viigo, the costs, technical infrastructure, and challenges associated with deploying content to mobile are eliminated.
  • Viigo easily integrates into your existing content management and distribution systems.
  • Deliver a co-branded version of Viigo's mobile application. In addition to showcasing your brand prominently on Viigo, you can define the default content your readers see when they first use the application, creating a mobile experience tighly linked to the needs and interests of your subscribers.
Monetize your Content
  • Viigo's powerful mobile advertising platform also enables you to generate new sources of advertising revenue through the mobile medium.
  • Place banner advertising which supports optional "click-to" commands.
  • Drive traffic back to your mobile or online properties
What You Get
  • Co-branded version of the most popular mobile content and service application for smartphones
  • Instant mobile distribution of existing content to the Viigo network
  • "Download Now" buttons for your website and email communications
  • Hosted provisioning services
  • Hassle-free upgrades for subscribers
  • Assurance that smartphone users will be able to enjoy your branded content anytime, anywhere.
Getting Started

to discuss how you can take advantage of your current content to generate new sources of revenue.