Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my primary address in Viigo?

Viigo uses your primary address to communicate with you. For example, Viigo uses the primary address for user account management. At any time, you can change this address; however, to do this, your primary e-mail address must already be validated.

To verify the state of your primary address, from the Viigo home screen, click Menu > Options > Account. Your primary address is displayed. If it is validated, nothing appears beside it. If it is not validated, "[Not Validated]" appears beside it. As described in the steps below, the process for changing your primary address is to add a secondary address, validate the secondary address, change the secondary address into your primary address, and validate your new primary address.

Note: When you create a new primary address your old address is deleted.

To change your primary address:

1. Run Viigo on your device.

2. Click Menu > Options > Account.

3. Click Menu > Add E-mail address.

4. In the Add Secondary Email Wizard, type the new email address.

Viigo sends a validation email.

5. Validate the new email address.

6. In Viigo, click Menu > Options > Account.

7. Highlight the secondary e-mail address and click Menu > Make Primary Email.

8. In the Confirmation dialog box, click Yes.

Viigo sends another validation email.

9. Validate your new primary address.

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