Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

When you create an account, you’re automatically signed in to Viigo on your device. After that, the only time you’ll need your user name and password is to sign in to the My Viigo website. If you don’t do this frequently, you could forget your password, in which case you can reset it.

To reset your password:

1) Go to MyViigo.

2) Click the Forgot Password? link.

3) Enter your user name and primary email address.

4) Click OK.

Viigo will send you a “Viigo: Request for password reset” email.

5) Click the link in the email Viigo sends you.

6) On the Welcome to Viigo personal info request page, click the Get Password button.

Viigo will send you a “Viigo: Request for a new password” email with a new temporary password in it.

7) Run Viigo on your device, and sign in using this new password. (For more information, see “I’ve just been assigned a new (temporary) Viigo password. How do I change this password to something I can easily remember?”.

Note If you are using an earlier version of Viigo (earlier than Windows Mobile 2.3.35 or earlier than BlackBerry 2.2.69 and 2.2.70), your account does not have an email associated with it and so you cannot reset your password using this method. You should upgrade to the latest version of Viigo at

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