Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I presented with a 'Permission Denied' dialog box when I try to start Viigo?

The Permision Denied dialog box appears if you have accidentally clicked 'Deny this connection' from your Network Permission dialog box. To fix this issue, you must reset the firewall settings on your device.

To reset your device firewall settings:

1) From the main screen on your device, click the Options icon.

2) If you’re running Viigo on a 4.1 or above operating system, in Options, select Security > Options > Firewall.


If you’re running Viigo on a 4.0 operating system, in Options, select Firewall.

For more information, see How can I tell which BlackBerry operating system my device uses?

3) Select Menu > Reset Settings.

4) Restart Viigo.

5) In the dialog box that reads 'The application Viigo has requested an http connection to,', click the all http connections check box and then click the allow this connection button.

Note: If the Network Connection Permission dialog box does not appear, you may need to reboot your device by removing and replacing the battery and then restart Viigo.

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