Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Viigo working on T-Mobile in the UK?

If you’re running Viigo SE, specify the Internet APN setting. For more information, see How can I tell whether I am running Viigo SE or Viigo CE?

Note: Any settings (WAP gateway, APN, etc.) provided by Viigo are suggestions only.

1) From the BlackBerry main screen, click the Options icon.

2) On a 4.1 or above operating system, select Advanced Options>TCP.


On a 4.0 operating system, select TCP.

For more information, see How can I tell which BlackBerry operating system my device uses?

3) Set the Internet APN to and leave the user name and password blank.

4) Save your changes by selecting Menu>Save.

After you’ve specified the APN setting, the next step is to edit the WAP settings in Viigo.

1) From your Viigo home screen, click Menu>Options.

2) In Options, click Network.

3) In Network Settings, click Menu>Edit WAP Settings.

4) In WAP Settings, click the Other radio button.

5) Set Gateway IP to

6) Set Gateway Port to 9201.

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