Frequently Asked Questions

When I upgrade will my feeds be preserved?

When you upgrade, your customized feeds are disassociated from your device. Therefore, when you run Viigo for the first time, you will see only the default feeds in all services.

If you have a Viigo user account, the first time you run Viigo, a wizard appears that steps you through the process of signing in using your user id and password. Once you have signed in, all of your customized feeds will re-appear. Because you have to sign in to retrieve your customized feeds, you should write down your account information before upgrading, as you will use this information while signing in.

To locate your account information, from your Viigo home screen, click Menu>Options>Account.

If you are running Viigo as a guest user, any feed customizations you have made and articles you have saved are lost and cannot be retrieved unless you create a Viigo user account before upgrading. For information, see “How do I create a Viigo account?”

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