Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete Viigo?

If you are currently running Viigo as a guest user, when you delete Viigo any feed customizations you have made and articles you have saved are lost and cannot be retrieved unless you create a Viigo user account before deleting. For information, see “How do I create a Viigo account?”

To delete Viigo from your device:

1) From the main screen on your device, click the Options icon.

2) If you’re running Viigo on a 4.1 or above operating system, in Options, click Advanced Options>Applications>Viigo.


If you’re running Viigo on a 4.0 operating system, in Options, click Applications>Viigo.

For more information, see How can I tell which BlackBerry operating system my device uses?

3) Click Menu>Delete.

4) In the Confirmation dialog box, click Delete.

5) When prompted to reboot your device, click Yes.

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