Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Viigo hotkeys?

The following list describes the Viigo hotkeys for BlackBerry on both a regular Qwerty keyboard and a Suretype (71xx series) keyboard:

The hotkeys are described in the format: Qwerty / Suretype

On any screen with a list

t / [2 T Y] - Go to the top of the list

b / [8 B N] - Go to the bottom of the list

[space] / [0 SPACE] - Page down in the list

Channel Manager Screen

[enter] /[enter] - Open channel

u / [3 U I ] - Select next channel with unread items

[DEL/backspace] / [DEL/backspace] – Delete channel

Article List Screen

[enter] / [enter] - Open article

[DEL/backspace] / [DEL/backspace] - Delete article

n - Open article list in next channel

p - Open article list in previous channel

u / [3 U I] - Open article list in next channel with unread items

Article View Screen

[backspace] / [backspace] - Close screen

n - Open next article

p - Open previous article

u - Open next unread article

f - Forward message as email

Options List Screen

[enter] / [enter] - Open the screen for the selected option

Channel Library Screen

[enter] / [enter] - Toggle subscription to the selected channel

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