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Best of WES 2008
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WES 2008 Innovation Award

Partner Testimonials

  • "Viigo is leading the pack with the best RSS reader available for the BlackBerry. An absolute must have for all BlackBerry owners."
  • "This has to be one of the best executions of mobile advertising I have seen to date."Ronen Halevy -
  • "The love for Viigo never stops around these parts, especially when they bust out support for services like craigslist and Google Reader."
  • "The retail solution from Viigo offered such an efficient and compelling user experience, that we decided to be one of the first adopters of their enterprise class solution."Laurence Dale - Solutions Architect - British American Tobacco (BAT)
  • "Viigo: RSS reader extraordinaire ... none we've seen so far matches the experience of Viigo's impressive RSS buffet."Jessica Dolcourt -
  • "Viigo helps me be more productive by cleverly weaving my favorite news, sports, and entertainment feeds into one, easy-to-use mobile application. With Viigo, my information is with me wherever I go."Leigh Geary - MVP, Mobile Devices - CoolSmartPhone
  • "Viigo is basically the best way to view mobile content on your BlackBerry."
  • "Viigo represents the best in class when it comes to consolidating my commonly used services."Rick May - Marketing Manager, Mobile Communications Business - Microsoft
  • "Viigo allows the National Post to quickly and seamlessly mobilize its breaking news content with literally no capital or technical investment. Viigo delivers the news to mobile devices fast. And it’s easy to download. It’s a natural complement to our online strategy and gives our clients a unique, new way to reach a targeted and desirable audience."Jonathan Harris - VP, Digital Media - National Post
  • "Viigo for PinStack allows us to efficiently push our content direct to thousands of BlackBerry users, while giving them the control of only receiving topics and offers relevant to their interests."Hayden James -
  • "Viigo's sleek interface not only makes it easy for me to stay on top of what’s going on in the smartphone industry, it keeps me in the entertainment loop as well."Noah Ouellette - New Products Editor - Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine


As an IT professional, Viigo lets you quickly, easily, and cost-effectively deploy corporate information and services directly to your users' smartphones with no additional investment in infrastructure, security, or support systems.

You and your employees can have instant access to critical, time-sensitive corporate information. Check the status of key accounts, access documents, close off sales leads, and more. Secure, scalable, and robust, straight into the hands of your team. No laptop required.

  • Resource efficient—leverage valuable corporate assets, BlackBerry infrastructure, and intranet investments.
  • Boost user productivity—increase mobile users' productivity and improve their decision-making by providing them with instant access to operational and strategic information about customer orders, product performance, and through fewer searches and consolidated information.
  • Manage information channels—reduced reliance on emails where information is likely to get buried
  • Streamline systems management—benefit from Viigo’s simplicity and ease of deployment, centralized management and configuration, high usability, and unique subscription model.
  • Increase user adoption and satisfaction levels—provide users with an intuitive user experience by getting the right information to the right people every time—with no training or IT support.
  • The ideal user experience—ease of use designed to reduce support calls and impact on IT
  • Provide critical, secure information—give your mobile workers instant, secured access to product announcements, competitive intelligence, company bulletins, policies and procedures, and more.

Key Features

Corporate News & InfoI need to find that competitive matrix on our Intranet before my phone call.

Flights & TravelJust met a client. I wonder if I can re-route my trip for a presentation at their offices.

WeatherWhat are the chances I'll get in 18 holes with the partners tomorrow afternoon?

News & RSSI need to get the latest facts and images for my presentation.

Audio & PodcastsI'll listen to our quarterly earnings call on the way to the airport.

Stocks & FinanceMy partners and customers seem to be faring well in today's markets.

Local InterestWhere can I take our best customers for a special dinner tonight?

SportsMust impress my sports fanatic boss! How can I get up-to-speed overnight?

EntertainmentNow that I've got some downtime, I can play my favorite games.

Instant CollaborationThe marketing team will appreciate getting this mobile trends article, real-time.