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Viigo Pushes Out its 2009/2010 Hockey Service

(2009-09-25) "Everybody knows Research in Motion's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie LOVES hockey, so you know he's already on top of this. But for everybody else who loves the sport, you'll want to know that Viigo has rolled out their 2009/2010 hockey service."  (read more)

Viigo News: Less Filling, Works Great

(2009-09-24) "Viigo News is definitely lighter on memory, switching from the “full” version to News seems to have freed up about 500MB on my BlackBerry 8310, and the application seems generally zippier when moving from article to article and posting to social networks. All of this is achieved without any noticeable loss of functionality to the news section from the “full” version of the application."  (read more)

Viigo launches Blackberry London Fashion Week app

(2009-09-22) "Attendees at this week's London Fashion Week have their own mobile app to keep tabs on who's hot, who's not, and who's in hot water for the size of their models."  (read more)

Viigo News Offers RSS Without The Clutter

(2009-09-21) "This streamlined version allows you to simply add RSS feeds so you get just the news, and runs a much faster operation. Viigo News allows you to add feeds from a huge variety of listings inlcuding news feeds, blogs and other channels, or you can add your own directly."  (read more)

London Fashion Week Has It’s Own Blackberry App For The First Time

(2009-09-20) "Need a little help organising your schedule this week as London Fashion Week 2009 gets into full swing? You can download a free LFW app straight to your Blackberry this year!"  (read more)

ViigoNews, a lighter version of Viigo: Now Available!

(2009-09-18) "Our friends at Viigo have just introduced a new lighter version of their popular app for BlackBerry. The purpose of Viigo’s new ViigoNews App is for those who don’t use all of it’s the in-depth features."  (read more)

BlackBerry App Must Haves

(2009-09-12) "Viigo is touted as the best mobile RSS reader application ever. It allows you to add any web site with a RSS feed, or even choose from many feeds offered by Viigo. Categories include popular blogs, entertainment, news and financial feeds. Feeds are updated every thirty minutes, and if you want you can refresh the channel manually to get the very latest news."  (read more)


(2009-09-11) "If you have a smartphone, like the Blackberry then you simply must have VIIGO – without it your smartphone isn’t complete."  (read more)

Viigo Updates NFL Channel For 2009/10 Season

(2009-09-10) "Many NFL fans are waiting for the NFL season to start tonight and Viigo has their back with a few new features to round out their service."  (read more)

Time to get smart! Metro goes mobile!

(2009-09-08) "Our new Viigo and iPhone apps download the latest news to your phone, so even if you’re not getting any reception, or someone snagged the last copy of Metro from our boxes, “young, active, metropolitans across Canada can access Metro on their phones whenever they want from wherever they are."  (read more)

Free must have Smartphone apps

(2009-09-05) "Viigo is highly recommended for news feeds. It can be customized to provide various types of alerts, from finance highlights to weather updates."  (read more)

Viigo, A Case Of Excellent Realtime Customer Care Through Twitter

(2009-09-03) "In conclusion, another example of wise usage of Twitter by a company that is leveraging social media in the proper way. My praises go to Viigo. Keep up with the good work guys!"  (read more)


(2009-08-31) "We’re pleased to announce that you can access MetalSucks on your Blackberry via the Viigo Rock! app. Viigo is a leader in the Blackberry application space, and we’re pleased to have them on board as our Blackberry mobile solution."  (read more)


(2009-08-29) "If you do, then you might want to check out Viigo's new Rock! module. Viigo has teamed up with eight heavy rock websites to get all the latest info on tour dates, interviews, reviews and artist info so you will never miss a beat."  (read more)

My Five Favourite BlackBerry Applications

(2009-08-28) "It would be incredibly easy to peg Viigo as nothing more than an RSS reader but it is so much more. Exploring further, you can set up your Twitter account and perform basic tasks such as reading your timeline and creating new tweets. There’s also support for weather, entertainment, stocks, travel and more."  (read more)

Viigo launches microblogging for enterprise users with StatusNet

(2009-08-28) "Viigo has introduced a secure, mobile microblogging service for enterprise in conjunction with StatusNet support. This may be the first of its kind."  (read more)

The Insider Goes Mobile With Viigo ROCK!

(2009-08-27) "Blackberry and Windows Mobile users can now access Metal Insider’s featured stories, news ticker and Twitter feeds in once one place through Viigo’s new ROCK! app. The app includes a number of other killer sites like,,, and SMNnews as well as weather, news, sports scores and every other piece of information you could possibly want."  (read more)

Viigo Launches with As Part of Their Rock! Channel

(2009-08-26) "Starting immediately, you can now get updates on your smart phone via Viigo. With the recent feedback I've gotten from a number of users saying that our dialy digest emails are too big for their Blackberries to handle, the launch of the Viigo Rock! channel could not have come at a better time."  (read more)

5 BlackBerry Apps Every Social Media Junkie Should Have

(2009-08-25) "Viigo is well known for its ability to grab RSS feeds from almost any site on the planet and drop them into your BlackBerry. When you want the news Viigo supplies it to you in one neat and handy app. As Viigo has expanded it has added a variety of nice features. For instance if you're browsing through your feeds and you see a story you want to share on Twitter you can easily do that. Viigo has a built in option to submit any article to Facebook, Twitter and all from within the app. This means you can share everything you find easily and move on to more stories."  (read more)

5 must have FREE apps for the Blackberry Storm

(2009-08-14) "This application is a bit of everything at your fingertips. It’s only one click away from News, Weather, Entertainment, Sports (scores and schedules), Stocks, Flight information, Movies, Shopping, and of course your social networking like Twitter and Facebook. You can tell Viigo your interest and it keeps itself up to date…So all your info is available immediately. It’s the app that gets to know you! Its just the information that you care about instantly."  (read more)

Viigo: Top Rated RSS/Newsreader for BlackBerry

(2009-08-14) "Viigo is a free RSS or Newsreader for BlackBerry. It gets a five star rating from CNET and is by far the most downloaded app in its class. Viigo aggregates news feeds from various sources (sports, weather, stock quotes, etc.) into an elegant reader application. You can select from various preselected feeds (Huffington Post, blog, The Onion) or add your own. With Viigo, there is no need to launch your browser or sort through bookmarks - all of your content is located in one place. The application even integrates with aggregators (Google Reader), social network sites (Facebook and Twitter), and search engines."  (read more)

Free Blackberry Download - Viigo

(2009-08-12) "Viigo is a fantastic free offline RSS reader. You will have some default RSS feeds on your BlackBerry. You could add and dispatch RSS feeds from the home screen of the application program. They also offer a pretty complete listing on RSS feeds you can select from if you select add from list."  (read more)

Corus Entertainment airs ExploreMusic on mobile

(2009-08-12) ""People aren't buying radio receivers anymore but they're certainly buying smartphones," David Huszar, VP and GM, Corus Interactive and Integrated Solutions, tells MiC. ExploreMusic has about a million weekly listeners, says Huszar, and although he admits the smartphone penetration in Canada is still relatively small, "it's so important for all of our radio entities to be available on the appliances that people are using nowadays to engage with media.""  (read more)

Top Apps for Smartphone

(2009-08-11) "A free RSS reader, Viigo sends only the news you want in the format you need. With a great layout and its ease of use, you can't lose!"  (read more)

Corus launching smart phone app for syndicated content

(2009-08-10) "Corus Radio is offering some of its syndicated content free of charge to mobile users who have BlackBerry and Windows based devices. Starting next Monday, listeners can download the ExploreMusic version of the smart phone application Viigo, which will include a new show and web portal about musical discovery and exploration hosted by industry veteran Alan Cross."  (read more)

Corus Likes Viigo for Alan Cross

(2009-08-10) "Syndicated content from Corus Entertainment Inc. is being distributed to mobile users of BlackBerry and Windows-based devices through Viigo Inc. Listeners will be able to download a version of Viigo that comes with the content that is on the “ExploreMusic” Web site, and view the show’s Twitter posts from Cross from within the module, with no need to access Twitter itself."  (read more)

Viigo and the CFL partner to bring you live scores, schedules and more

(2009-08-07) "Viigo and the CFL have partnered to create a content module for all your CFL needs. With this new module, you can get live scores, schedules, standings, breaking news and even purchase tickets directly from your BlackBerry"  (read more)

5 free BlackBerry apps for Back to School

(2009-08-05) "Viigo is the ultimate RSS reader. Stay up to date on all your favorite news, blogs and sites on the go."  (read more)

Viigo Launches ExploreMusic Channel – Download Now

(2009-08-03) "All and all if you’re into the music scene then I think this is going to be a nice addition to your Viigo line-up"  (read more)

Top 10 BlackBerry Apps

(2009-07-31) "On the surface, Viigo may appear to be just another RSS reader application, but it’s much more than that. The latest version not only provides your news and RSS feeds, it also updates you on your flight information, sports scores, stocks, the weather and more."  (read more)

Social Media 101: 7 Twitter Clients for Windows Mobile smartphones

(2009-07-30) "A multi-platform social media client. View Twitter, news, blogs and more. Free."  (read more)

Viigo Mobile Beta

(2009-07-30) "Video review - Viigo beta is an all-in-one Windows Mobile application that allows access of many different forms of news information directly to a Smartphone."  (read more)

Viigo enhancements in Tango 9 (release 3) roundup

(2009-07-29) "Viigo’s latest release, Tango 9 (release 3) or version is 3.1.330 has had several updates. With this new version, 3 new modules are available including Audio & Podcasts, Social Networking and Deals."  (read more)

Viigo: Minimizing Email Clutter

(2009-07-28) "What I’m excited about is being able to dump those email updates and newsletters into Viigo, so I can minimize the clutter in my inbox."  (read more)

Top 20 BlackBerry Applications

(2009-07-26) "It presents a fast accession to breaking news, flight schedules, restaurant reviews, sports scores, weather conditions, and all about everything else you need to know. Everything is provided within the same beautifully designed and customizable interface."  (read more)

Free BlackBerry Twitter Apps Roundup

(2009-07-24) "The Twitter app lives in the Social Networks tab, where you can create a channel for each of your Twitter IDs and frequently-used search terms. For example, if you participate in a weekly chat, you can create a search for the chat hashtag."  (read more)

20 Best BlackBerry, iPhone Apps for Summer Travel

(2009-07-22) "Viigo, the ultimate "lifestyle app," delivers instant access to news and RSS feeds, weather, sports, streaming podcasts, social networks like Twitter and FriendFeed, flight and travel information and much more, all for free. And the good folks at Viigo never stop working studiously on new features, so there's always something good coming down the road."  (read more)

Top Ten BlackBerry Apps for the Study Abroad Student

(2009-07-20) "This app literally places the world in your hands. It has news, weather, restaurant reviews, entertainment, podcasts, flight info and more. While abroad, you will be able to keep up on news at home and in your current location!"  (read more)

The Coolest Blackberry Application

(2009-07-19) "This application is really unique because it gives us access to the latest news from all over the world including news from CNN, ESPN and many other world news channels"  (read more)

Knowledge Is Power With Viigo

(2009-07-11) "This really is a neat app. There is so much that you can do through Viigo that I think you will like. Whether you’re into sports, blogs, craigslist or just good ol fashioned news, you should try this app out. You can never have enough information so stay up to date with what is taking place world along with the world at large and stay connected to different blogs that you have grown to love! I know this might mean you will have to give up your Brick Breaker addiction, but in the end I think it will be worth it!"  (read more)

Viigo Tango 9 Videos

(2009-07-11) "Viigo, my BlackBerry RSS reader of choice, rolled out Tango 9 at the end of June with a bunch of new features. I’m very pleased with the release and working on a review, but in the mean time Viigo has rolled out a bunch of videos explaining the release and the many features of the release."  (read more)

The Value of Pageonce Integration in Viigo

(2009-07-10) "The good people at Viigo continue to update and expand the excellent application that they offer."  (read more)

Viigo Twitter Integration Is Worth All The Buzz!

(2009-07-10) "Since the release of Viigo's Tango 9 (Release 3), the social network feature has been all the buzz on, well... the social networks... Here is a list of its offerings:"  (read more)

Roundup of Twitter features from Viigo

(2009-07-10) "Social networking has become a popular component of Viigo. In Tango 9, Release 3, Viigo introduced a feature rich Twitter client. With this new feature, you can initiate a tweet, follow the public timeline, your friends timeline or your followers timeline. You can also view direct messages, favorite messages, mentions and more."  (read more)

Viigo for Blackberry- the Application running all you want

(2009-07-04) "Ever wanted an app that just simply does everything you expected? Free Viigo for Blackberry is one of the most feature rich program's available to date."  (read more)

New Viigo Beta Update adds full Twitter client to its app

(2009-06-30) "You can do it all from Viigo. Tune in to your favorite podcasts, read news articles from your favorite sites via RSS feeds, check weather in your area, follow up with sports scores, and now tune into your Twitter! Everyone seems to be using Twitter these days, so it became essential to have it included all in one application. After downloading the new update, you must go into the Social Networks option, and click Add Channel. There you will see Twitter and from there it’s peanuts."  (read more)

Get up to Speed with Viigo Tango 9's Podcast and Facebook Modules

(2009-06-29) "Tango 9 brought forth a ton of improvements and new modules, including the ability to listen to podcasts directly through Viigo as well as sharing your Viigo content with your Facebook friends."  (read more)

Viigo Beta Adds Full Multiple Account Twitter Client to their Free BlackBerry App

(2009-06-29) "From the app you can now track multiple channels including live Twitter searches. You can also reply, direct message, ReTweet, mark as favorite, or post your own update. You can see each posters details along with an easy way to follow them from the app."  (read more)

Latest Version Of Viigo For BlackBerry Comes With Full Twitter Client

(2009-06-29) "The Viigo Twitter client allows you to track multiple channels, including live Twitter searches, along with the ability to Reply, Direct Message, ReTweet, Mark as Favorite and Post your own Tweet. You can also click into someone’s Tweet to view that Twitter user’s information and even follow them. Another awesome feature is the ability to Tweet your Viigo articles from within the application with just a single click"  (read more)

Viigo releases Tango 9, version 3.1.330

(2009-06-29) "Great news for Viigo users out there: the company has upgraded to Tango 9, which brings along a number of long-awaited upgrades. The new release furthers Viigo as the “everything” application for the BlackBerry. Where it was once an RSS reader, it is now an all-in-one source of information and entertainment. The new version brings an upgrade we’ve been clamoring for since WES 2008: Podcasts."  (read more)

Every cloud…Bye bye AvantGo, hello Viigo!

(2009-06-28) "I have now moved to Viigo, which crushes AvantGo both in terms of content availability and synchronization options."  (read more)

Top 10 BlackBerry apps free for Download

(2009-06-27) "If you get a BlackBerry, you probably like to be tapped in. And with customize feature to sports, weather, entertainment, podcasts, flight information, stocks, and news, etc.We guess you can say that Viigo does that. Sure, you can pull a lot of these tidbits in through more specialized apps, too, but Viigo has them all wrapped up in one very slick little app. And it’s absolutely free!"  (read more)

Viigo Updated to Tango 9 (3.1.330): Adds Audio and Podcasts, Social Networks and Deals Module

(2009-06-26) "Viigo has a ton of modules these days, so if you're not yet familiar with the app you'll definitely want to check out to learn more about each the features in detail. Since Tango 8, Viigo has built in a number of new services. Services new to Tango 9 include: Golf,Youtube, Motor Sports,, Hockey, Industry News in Stocks & Finance, Open Table, Craigslist, Dine.TO, Traffic News, Federated Media, Package Tracking in Shopping Channel and"  (read more)

Viigo Goes Live with Podcasts and Audio

(2009-06-26) "Viigo’s continually updating their app with fresh new content, with some of the more recent additions being a new Deals module kicked off by Gazaro, as well as tennis coverage, and Facebook integration. A new YouTube channel also makes for a handy way of browing through the latest videos without having to muss about the mobile site"  (read more)

Viigo alpha gets a sweet update!

(2009-06-26) "One of my favorite applications has gotten another great update! Just this month or early last even Blackberryos anncounced a teaming up with viigo! So when we bring our BBOS podcast online our members will already have the best rss/social network friendly application loaded on thier berries."  (read more)

Top 5 Free BlackBerry Apps for the Storm

(2009-06-24) "For the web surfer, and face it, what BlackBerry user isn't, there's Viigo. Viigo is a free RSS feed reader. Every website (well, every site that knows what they're doing) has an RSS feed. From sports stories to stocks to blogs to podcasts to craigslist, if it's on the web, most likely, it's tied to an RSS feed and most likely, it can be added onto Viigo."  (read more)

Viigo introduces Gazaro, the Best Deal in Town

(2009-06-24) "We got the word that Viigo and Gazaro have formed a partnership today, which means we will be seeing more features to the oh so amazing Viigo app. Gazaro gives you the best deals on all computer and electronics goods."  (read more)

Viigo adds Gazaro Deals module for computer and gadget sales

(2009-06-24) "Sometimes I wonder if Viigo will ever hit a maximum capacity for content. What happens when the entire Internet and all its services can be found in Viigo? It seems that we’re going in that direction."  (read more)

Gazaro strikes smartphone deal with Viigo

(2009-06-24) "Ottawa deal-finding company Gazaro has announced a partnership with smartphone application platform firm Viigo Inc. to bring the former's services to mobile devices."  (read more)

Viigo - the best mobile app ever?

(2009-06-23) "It is a great one-stop-shop application that happily keeps me entertained for the hour-long commute that I put myself self through twice a day."  (read more)

Viigo Launches Enterprise Product to Keep Employees Informed

(2009-06-23) "Personally I think this is a great idea for large companies to give users access to internal information such as new products. It is also a great way to enable a company directory or support call charts. At the end of the day it seems to all come down to cost so if Viigo can make this affordable I can see quite a few companies testing this out."  (read more)

Viigo review: We review Viigo, a news app that will keep you up to date on almost everything

(2009-06-23) "Given how much information Viigo already packs in, you can expect it to keep adding more content; but it’s already the best way to stay up to date with almost anything on your BlackBerry."  (read more)

Viigo updates website with modules and new video for enterprise

(2009-06-19) "Like any useful application for BlackBerry, Viigo has an enterprise version. Included in this enterprise version, is the ability to get financial data pushed to your device."  (read more)

Viigo Video Walk Through: The Best Blackberry App of All Time

(2009-06-19) "I am a huge fan of Viigo and use it all the time to update/read blogs and with Twitter and Facebook. If you are a Blackberry user, and don't already use Viigo, you will after watching this."  (read more)

From the experts: Advice for building a better app business

(2009-06-19) "You need to start everything with the user--ask yourself the question of what the user will find really useful or fun, and what you have to do to optimize that experience. Ultimately, that's who you're selling to. You need to build something that someone really, really wants. In addition, you need to understand the platform carefully. It's impossible for a startup to try to be all things to all platforms--that's a very difficult and expensive task.""  (read more)

Are You Ready to Ditch Your Laptop for a Smartphone?

(2009-06-18) "In the past, mobile laptops replaced desktops even though desktops were cheaper and more powerful. Now desktops—thanks to smartphones—have an opportunity to turn the tables on laptops. One of the reasons for the decision, MacRae says, is that his BlackBerry now runs "critical" apps comparable to those on his laptop. His critical BlackBerry apps include: Opera Mini, reQuall, Documents to Go, Yahoo Go, Viigo, among others. He's also getting a Bluetooth portable keyboard to keep in his suitcase for content-creation emergencies."  (read more)

10 Really Cool Free Blackberry Applications

(2009-06-18) "Viigo is a feature-rich application which lets you view news & RSS feeds, audio clips & podcasts, stocks & money data, weather and more. From the one application, you can do a lot of things and browse many blog RSS feeds, see sports scores, view local weather, and even read books. Viigo also bills their software as “the one app you’ll never want to be without” because of its wide range of features it makes available to you"  (read more)

Mobile Apps' Brush with Greatness

(2009-06-04) "And while there's certainly money to be made on games, many more apps seek profits through productivity. Take Viigo, a news and information application sold for the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile (MSFT). Its presence on RIM's App World made a big difference, says Viigo CEO Mark Ruddock. "We had only penetrated a small subset of BlackBerry devices around the world. But in the first 45 days since the App World launch we've seen 450,000 downloads," he said. "We beat our 2009 target by the beginning of May.""  (read more)

An extra hour this Fathers day could make all the difference!

(2009-06-01) "Viigo: Is your dad refusing to leave the house before seeing the news? By downloading the free application Viigo on his BlackBerry smartphone, dad can leave the house without worrying about missing out on breaking news, entertainment, sports, finance, weather, flight schedules, restaurant reviews, games, local attractions and more."  (read more)

How To Maximize Your Blackberry Use

(2009-05-26) "“In terms of applications, Viigo is a must. I don’t have time to read newspapers, so I’m hooked on Viigo. It’s the best aggregator of syndicated and custom news, tailored and targeted to exactly what I want. Because of it I can consume 30 newspapers, magazines and blogs in a day that cover the spectrum of the industries I am most interested in, all during my downtime, which is usually while I’m in transit.”"  (read more)

Craigslist For Blackberry?

(2009-05-17) "The best part is, the newest version of Viigo has craigslist already loaded on. And just to remind everyone, all of this is FREE. Is there a limit to what Viigo can do? Some say no. Others say yes. I say it’s a must have for any blackberry techie."  (read more)

Top 40 best free BlackBerry apps

(2009-05-16) "If you’re looking for a powerful RSS feed reader for your BlackBerry, look no further than this app. Viigo lets you add multiple RSS items from sites you visit regularly. It allows you to add as many as 2,500 subscriptions."  (read more)

Blackberry apps that let you work faster, better ... outside the office

(2009-05-14) "At its core Viigo is an RSS feed reader designed specifically for the BlackBerry, but Mark Ruddock, the company's president and chief executive, says he wants to "shake off that RSS moniker.""  (read more)

Apps of the Week - Yowza! and Viigo

(2009-05-14) "This is an app most Blackberry users already have, but we wanted to keep you updated on this as Viigo has just added Craigslist integration. This RSS aggregator lets you have instant access to all the latest updates for whatever news you’re interested. Be it sports, entertainment, weather and now Craigslist."  (read more)

Viigo for BlackBerry adds Craigslist to app

(2009-05-14) "With 20 countries and approximately 600 cities now supported, Viigo brings an extensive Craigslist classifieds experience to your smartphone. Located in local interest you can select from categories including Community, Housing, items For Sale, Services, Jobs, Gigs, Resumes, Personals and Events."  (read more)

Viigo adds Craigslist to their ever-expanding application

(2009-05-13) "The Viigo updates just cannot be stopped. Viigo has recently added Craigslist to their application. With 20 countries and approximately 600 cities now supported, you can take the Craigslist classifieds with you on the go. Located in “local interest,” you can select from categories including Community, Housing, Items For Sale, Services, Jobs, Gigs, Resumes, Personals and Events."  (read more)

A day in the life of a BlackBerry Storm power user

(2009-05-13) "I fiddle around to unplug my Storm from the charger, swipe it unlocked using StormSlider and open up Viigo via QuickLaunch. With one eye open and the other one closed, I tap on ‘News & RSS’; After another 15-second sleep the channels are all updated and I read the newest headlines from BlackBerryCool, BerryReview, CrackBerry and CNN World. I find an interesting article and send it to Twitter via Viigo."  (read more)

Viigo demos Craigslist, now reaches 20 countries and 600 cities

(2009-05-13) "Searching Craiglist on your Smartphone is not new with Viigo, however they do reach over 20 countries and 600 cities now. Could be very useful when you are looking for something unique. You can check out the video or simply get started by going into your local interest section, choose Craigslist and then go to your specific categories."  (read more)

Top 10 Free Applications on my BlackBerry – What About You?

(2009-05-11) "Viigo RSS Reader - OTA link – Where do you think I find all my news?"  (read more)

Viigo Alpha 3.1.242 brings Podcast, Twitter and Pageonce Support!

(2009-05-08) "The guys at Viigo introduced a new Alpha version of Viigo which brings tons of new features! This verison (3.1.242) finally brings Podcast support along with Social Networking (Twitter, FriendFeed, Jaiku and Viigo also introduced a new premium feature called Pageonce which will require a registeration key to work. This version is Viigo even though is very early seems to support most models including Bold, Curve, Pearl and Storm. Enjoy!"  (read more)

WES2009: What's New at Viigo!

(2009-05-08) "Readers of are no strangers to Viigo - it's been one of our favorite apps since day one and to date is the most downloaded app in App World. At WES we had a chance to catch up with Viigo's President and CEO, Mark Ruddock, who brought us up to speed on what is new. You can check out the video above for all the details. And if you still haven't given Viigo a try, you can grab it by visiting on your BlackBerry's web browser."  (read more)

Viigo Alpha v3.1.242 available for BlackBerry with Audio, Media and Pageonce support!!!

(2009-05-07) "Viigo is one of the first applications I always suggest to new BlackBerry owners. It’s a great way to stay up to speed with just about anything."  (read more)

Viigo Alpha adds even more functionality

(2009-05-07) "It's hard to keep up with the guys at Viigo because they are constantly adding new functionality. Their latest updates include audio streaming for Podcasts, social networking including full Twitter functionality, improved weather feeds and Pageonce account management support."  (read more)

Best of WES: Top 10 BlackBerry Products and Services

(2009-05-07) "Viigo is and has been one of my favorites BlackBerry applications for years. And it just keeps on getting better and better. Viigo is mainly an RSS reader, but the development team adds new features so frequently that it's really more of a "lifestyle app" than anything else at this point."  (read more)

Viigo Alpha v3.1.242 rocks!

(2009-05-06) "We spent several hours yesterday messing with Viigo’s new “alpha” release 3.1.242 which was interesting on many levels. It was nice to be able to use the Audio & Podcast section as well and hearing various streaming clips. We were very satisfied with the awesome Social Networking tab where we could use our Twitter account live on it. Replying and re-Tweeting is made real easy all in the same platform with no need to have the Browser open. Pretty cool huh? Drop us a line and tell us what you guys think, who downloaded the latest alpha build of course."  (read more)

Viigo Partners with Pageonce and Introduces First Premium Service

(2009-05-06) "Pageonce is a “personal assistant” that allows users to get all their personal online accounts password-free, in the palm of their hand: monitor banking, credit card transactions, and investment accounts, track cell minutes, see itineraries, manage air miles, and view your Netflix queue, social networks, online shopping accounts, and email."  (read more)

Viigo now available in Singapore via M1

(2009-05-06) "Guess what? More Viigo news! Viigo has been selected as a Featured App by M1, a leading mobile communications provider in Singapore. Under the terms of this partnership, Viigo will immediately be available via the M1 Portal, and will automatically appear on the home screen of all M1 BlackBerry devices going forward."  (read more)

WES Daily: Vlingo, Viigo, Google

(2009-05-05) "One thing I love about Viigo is that it keeps integrating new services. This time around it’s Pageonce, and it’s a premium service. It’s basically a life manager, allowing you to check your bank accounts, cell minutes, Netflix queue, itinerary, and more. Just download the app if you don’t have it already, and it should be in the Stocks & Finance tab. You can try it for 14 days before buying."  (read more)

Streaming Podcasts come to Viigo

(2009-05-05) "Podcasts are something Viigo has been promising for awhile, so it’s what we’re mostly excited about, but they’re also pushing their enterprise product pretty heavily at WES. Companies can set up their own version of Viigo behind their firewall and roll it out internally to keep employees up-to-date with a bunch of pertinent information, like contact profiles, reports, and policy information."  (read more)

WES2009: Viigo Announces Pageonce Partnership

(2009-05-04) "We first heard about Pageonce from Bla1ze way back in October of last year and got a great up-close look at it during CES 2009. Today our good friends at Viigo have announced a partnership with Pageonce with the introduction of their first premium service. Pageonce is a personal assitant of sorts that allows users to monitor bank accounts, credit card balances, track cell minutes, manage your Netflix queue an much, much more."  (read more)

Viigo Partners with Pageonce and Introduces First Premium Service

(2009-05-04) "Available for a free 14 day trial, Pageonce, now available in the Stocks & Finance service, is Viigo’s first for-a-fee feature. The Pageonce integration significantly augments the Stocks & Finance service that presently includes the ability to build custom stock portfolios or view industry portfolios, access exchange rates and receive the latest breaking financial news and analysis."  (read more)

"Supersize your RSS": Viigo for BlackBerry 3.0.892

(2009-05-04) "Viigo has certainly matured since its early days. While it now grabs weather, financial news, flight status, and sports scores in addition to your news and blog feeds, it's still, at its core, the fastest, most complete RSS reader for BlackBerry. To users' eternal benefit, Viigo makes finding, subscribing to, and adding your own newsfeeds extremely simple with a long list of presets, browsable categories, and a way to add favorite RSS URLs, even from aggregators."  (read more)

The Top Mobile Apps

(2009-05-01) "Viigo (free). BlackBerry's best mobile RSS reader also keeps you up-to-the-minute on weather, flights, podcasts, and Facebook."  (read more)

Embracing Twitter from the Top Down

(2009-04-30) "Yesterday I interviewed viigo President and CEO Mark Ruddock for rabbletv. We discussed how he uses Twitter to keep track of his company's social media shadow, stay on top of competitors and connect with his customers."  (read more)

Developer Workshop: Viigo Q+A with CEO Mark Ruddock

(2009-04-22) "FierceDeveloper editor Jason Ankeny spoke with Ruddock about Viigo's growing popularity among smartphone users, the impact of BlackBerry App World and the critical importance of the mobile user experience."  (read more)

Viigo for BlackBerry - PC Mag review

(2009-04-22) "RSS readers are nothing new, but Viigo has raised the category to an art form on mobile devices. Viigo is our Editors' Choice and still the RSS reader to beat for BlackBerry handhelds."  (read more)

My Top 5 Free BlackBerry Applications

(2009-04-15) "There aren’t very many mobile readers that deliver the same quality and with the fact that it comes pre-loaded with 2500 subscriptions to some of the very best sites on the net you cant go wrong."  (read more)

A Firsthand Look At The Private Alpha Of Viigo For BlackBerry

(2009-04-10) "After looking at this extensive list of offerings in Viigo, it is tough not to find something you will like. However, we don’t want to just talk about the publicly released version of Viigo, you can download and play around with that for yourself. We want to take the opportunity to look at a new feature found in the alpha version of Viigo. The innovative team at Viigo has been working hard to incorporate a Social Networks option to the private alpha users."  (read more)

Viigo Makes Reading RSS Feeds on Your BlackBerry Seamless

(2009-04-03) "If you want to spruce up your BlackBerry's interface — and by spruce up I mean beautify it with one click access to things like news, weather, and travel info — Viigo is a new free app that you won't be able to live without."  (read more)

Adding Sites on Viigo

(2009-03-30) "Go into your new application, and create a name. From there, click on News & RSS. You can edit all of these pre existing sites, so don’t worry. In order to add one, click on the blackberry button, and then “add channel”"  (read more)

Extra, Extra: Headlines on your BlackBerry with RSS

(2009-03-25) "RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and that's never been more true than with the Viigo application on the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Curve or any recent BlackBerry model."  (read more)

Corus offers mobile content for smartphones

(2009-03-24) "Stations include: AM640, 102.1 the Edge and Q107 in Toronto, AM900 CHML in Hamilton, go.90, AM 770 in Calgary, CJOB 68 in Winnipeg, CKNW AM 980 and 630 CHED in Vancouver and iNews880 in Edmonton."  (read more)

Canadian radio content brought to your BlackBerry

(2009-03-24) "Nation-wide radio station owner Corus Entertainment has partnered with mobile apps developer Viigo, to deliver free content to smartphones – starting with Web site content and eventually on-demand audio, according to company executives"  (read more)

Viigo continues to grow, partners with Corus for 9 stations

(2009-03-23) "“Corus Radio is always looking to extend our brands where our listeners are,” said, David Huszar, VP and GM, Corus Interactive and Integrated Solutions. “We know our listeners are actively engaged with smartphones and Viigo allows our stations to tap into that growing market of consumers and deliver them great content.”"  (read more)

Follow all the March Madness action on your mobile phone

(2009-03-19) "I couldn’t find any dedicated application, but read in the BlackBerry forums that Viigo will work to keep you updated on the scores and status."  (read more)

Viigo’s great free app for RIM BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Mobile

(2009-03-17) "Not everyone loves sports, but this free app from Viigo is for the millions that do. It has been designed for Research In Motion’s (RIMM) Blackberry phones and Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Mobile."  (read more)

Experience March Madness on Viigo!

(2009-03-16) "Calling all BlackBerry-using Basketball fans! Our friends at Viigo just sent us a note and a video that you won't want to miss..."  (read more)

Join Viigo’s NCAA March Madness basketball pool

(2009-03-16) "The “Madness” of March is here and with it comes Viigo’s first ever pool. Join today and make your picks, every game from each of the regions, and see if you can come out on top and earn the title of Viigo’s NCAA basketball champ!"  (read more)

Viigo Launches March Madness Pool

(2009-03-16) "Basketball March Madness is upon us, and with Viigo’s great free app for BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) and Windows Mobile, you can join in on the fun. Even after it’s all over, Viigo’s Sports channel is fantastic, and lets you follow your favourite games a number of ways - scores, stats, schedules, you name it."  (read more)

On the go with Metro

(2009-03-16) "Beginning today, you can read the latest news online through Metro Mobile’s three new websites: for any web-enabled cellphone;, built specifically for iPhones; and, a site where readers can download Metro content customized for the Viigo application for BlackBerry."  (read more)

10 Must-Have Apps for Your BlackBerry

(2009-03-16) "Viigo started out as an RSS reader--and it was an excellent one, allowing you to add newsfeeds easily and browse the results. Nowadays this free application remains an outstanding RSS reader, but it also does much more, tracking weather, flight status, sports scores, stock quotes, and even restaurant reviews."  (read more)


(2009-03-14) "The only time I experience separation anxiety is when I’m disconnected from my RSS feeds. But now, thanks to Viigo, this is only a concern when I’m taking a shower or submerged under some other body of water where electronics have no home. Viigo is an amazing offline RSS reader developed for Blackberry. That’s right… it’s offline. So whether you’re on the subway, in the air, or in a cave, you’ve got reading material. You can decide how many articles you want to store and how often you want to download each feed’s updates, and if you have an unlimited data plan like me…. you can download ’til your head spins."  (read more)

The pick of the free apps

(2009-03-13) "My top pick is Viigo, the best RSS (Really Simple Syndication) newsreader for the BlackBerry I have come across. Viigo provides instant access to any RSS feed via an easy-to-read interface and supports Google Reader."  (read more)

Canadian BlackBerry users, developers excitedly await new RIM store

(2009-03-12) "Toronto-based Viigo has garnered a lot of attention for its free mobile application with the same name that gives quick access to RSS feeds, weather, flight information and local listings. Viigo beta will be available as a free download through App World when the storefront launches."  (read more)

Top 5 Free Blackberry Applications Every User Should Download

(2009-01-19) "This is one of the best mobile RSS feed programs. Viigo comes equipped with a ton of RSS feeds from Technology to Science to Sports to Politics. Right out of the box its easy to find any topic you could possibly want from the world of news."  (read more)

CES 2009: Viigo to Get Twitter, Shopping, Porfolios and more

(2009-01-11) "New and notable are the addition of Social Networking and Shopping channels as well as improvements to Stocks & Finance which now allows you to build and track your own portfolio. The Shopping channel will allow you to browse software (think along the lines of our CrackBerry App Store within Viigo) and the Social Networking channel will allow you to do all your uhh... social networking... right within Viigo."  (read more)

Blackberry, Viigo and Twitter

(2009-01-09) "Then I installed Viigo, and TwitterBerry and my BB really turned into the “adult soother”. If you haven’t tried Viigo for your mobile phone, then stop reading this and install it. Viigo must be an excellent company because they beat my company, Filemobile for the honour of the Canadian New Media Awards Most Promising Company of the Year."  (read more)

CES 2009: Follow CES on Viigo!

(2009-01-08) "Viigo have put together a special CES channel to make it easy to follow all of the coverage coming out of the event."  (read more)

10 must-have free BlackBerry apps

(2009-01-07) "Viigo is a full-featured RSS feed reader that lets you read your favorite feeds and keep up with important news wherever your day takes you."  (read more)

Your Favorite BlackBerry Apps Of 2008

(2008-12-23) "It has also been a big year for BlackBerry Software and Applications that have come out. A few of my personal favorites such as Viigo, Phonetag, MySpace for BlackBerry, Nintaii."  (read more)

Seven Free Must-Have BlackBerry Storm Apps

(2008-12-18) "Viigo for BlackBerry Storm: The Ultimate Lifestyle App. The Storm-specific version of Viigo takes advantage of a number of the device's unique features to improve an already impressive user experience. Storm users can scroll through stories in an RSS feed by simply swiping a finger across the screen to the left for newer stories and to the right for older ones. And the app works with the Storm accelerometer, so you can switch back and forth between portrait and landscape modes."  (read more)

5 Must Have [Free] BlackBerry Apps

(2008-12-08) "I’m sure I’ll gravitate towards Viigo exclusively. It definitely has alot to offer. It’s primarily revered for its RSS reader. And it certainly boasts an ‘all-in-one’ advantage."  (read more)

Viigo Gets a Sweet Update

(2008-12-08) "Ah yes, we always love when these come. The new Viigo has some sweet new features."  (read more)

What do Blackberry Beginners Need

(2008-12-08) "First and foremost no matter which Blackberry device (or most Windows Smartphones) you should get Viigo. For me Viigo houses my RSS feeds and keeps me up to date on all the news I care about. I could go into Viigo, search for one of my websites, and Viigo will add to my list of updates. Viigo helped me get a Blu-Ray player, 4 Blu-Ray movies, and HDMI cable, and shipping for under $200. Sometimes as busy people we can’t always read a newspaper, watch the news, or check online for news, but Viigo delivers it to you, and you can read it when you have time."  (read more)

Viigo - a useful tool

(2008-12-06) "It's nifty and well designed - unlike other feed readers it doesn't use the "old" Blackberry font and unlike AvantGo it uses the whole screen."  (read more)

Why isn't everyone using Viigo?

(2008-12-06) "Basically Viigo is a Blackberry app that aggregates RSS feeds (tech, news, sports, entertainments, etc) and downloads regular updates. You can customise it to, for instance, make sure that you are only downloading from sites that publish full-text feeds, and even better you can sync your GoogleReader to update your Blackberry. For anyone in London, commuting 50m below ground, this is genius - it means I can read all my regular news and industry feeds when i'm out of range of a mobile signal."  (read more)

Viigo thanksgiving tips for staying connected

(2008-11-27) "What do people do over the Thanksgiving weekend? Simply put, most follow sports events, travel to see family and enjoy a great feast (or two). Use Viigo to make each of these activities more enjoyable."  (read more)

Viigo; Take your attention away from the relatives you don’t like anyway…

(2008-11-27) "One of the best applications for doing this is Viigo. It’s basically an RSS reader, and can be a whole lot more."  (read more)

Cellular South debuts customized content platform via Viigo

(2008-11-25) "Smartphone content and services platform developer Viigo announced an agreement to launch a free, co-branded version of its mobile web platform in collaboration with regional operator Cellular South, promising subscribers one-click access to customized content."  (read more)

Get RSS Feeds on Your Smartphone with Viigo

(2008-11-25) "I first heard about Viigo leading up to the recent US Presidential election. The free utility for smartphones made Digg’s front page the day before the election touting its ability to provide live election coverage."  (read more)

Cellular South Offers Local Content Through Viigo

(2008-11-25) "Cellular South is now offering customized local content through partner Viigo. Customers of BlackBerry, HTC Touch and Motorola Q9 phones can access local newspaper content from the Clarion-Ledger, Delta Democrat Times, Hattiesburg American, Memphis Business Journal, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Meridian Star and Mobile Press Register."  (read more)

Note to the New CEO of Yahoo - Mobile desktop matters

(2008-11-19) "The first is a very good RSS reader called Viigo. You can easily set up the blogs that you follow and they also have pre-loaded feeds that you can keep or easily delete. If you want to follow this blog on your mobile device, this is the solution."  (read more)

10 Great Free Apps for Blackberry

(2008-11-19) "Viigo adds several nice options Google Reader (and most other RSS readers) don’t. All this in a beautiful and very easy-to-use interface – what more could you ask for?"  (read more)

Canada Celebrates Success And Innovation At 8th Annual Canadian New Media Awards

(2008-11-19) "Most Promising Company Of The Year, Viigo"  (read more)

Viigo launches NCAA basketball channel

(2008-11-17) "Viigo’s continually loading up their Windows Mobile and BlackBerry app with fresh content, and the latest addition is NCAA basketball."  (read more)

Viigo launches NCAA Basketball service for BlackBerry Cool To Go

(2008-11-17) "Viigo is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways for BlackBerry users to stay up to date on all their sporting news."  (read more)

Viigo Adds 25 Free Classic eBooks From DailyLit

(2008-11-13) "I do have to give them props for having great titles to choose from including my favorite, The Count Of Monte Cristo."  (read more)

Read books anytime, anywhere with DailyLit on Viigo!

(2008-11-13) "Ever get stuck at a train station or airport, or even long drives (you aren’t driving of course)? Now you can help time go faster with access to books right in the palm of your hand."  (read more)

Viigo Update: Download & Read Free E-Books!

(2008-11-12) "This update is PRETTY COOL and is something I'll be using often."  (read more)

Viigo Partners with DailyLit to Bring E-Books to Your Smartphone

(2008-11-12) "Viigo recently entered a partnership with DailyLit to offer their library of books via the Viigo service."  (read more)

Viigo Adds DailyLit E-Book reader

(2008-11-12) "Something cool was just added to our favorite RSS reader Viigo."  (read more)

Video Of Viigo Running On Storm

(2008-11-07) "These videos are really starting to make the Storm look like a serious game changer for users and developers."  (read more)

Check out Viigo on the BlackBerry Storm

(2008-11-06) "If your not using Viigo you don’t know what you missing! Viigo has been a long time favorite application for me and now we get to see a preview of what Viigo will look like on RIM’s new touchscreen BlackBerry Storm."  (read more)

3rd Party App Viigo on the BlackBerry Storm

(2008-11-06) "The video is very nicely done and it even demonstrates some “gestures” that can be done with the BlackBerry Storm and Viigo. Just another reason why Viigo is awesome!"  (read more)

Viigo: Minimizing Email Clutter

(2008-11-06) "Even though many of us in the BlackBerry Nation love using Viigo, there are still those companies and organizations that send out email newsletters and updates. What I’m excited about is being able to dump those email updates and newsletters into Viigo, so I can minimize the clutter in my inbox."  (read more)

First Look: 3rd Party App Viigo on the BlackBerry Storm!

(2008-11-06) "The video features an in-depth, hands-on look at one of my favorite existing BlackBerry apps, Viigo, running on a live BlackBerry Storm."  (read more)

Your Election Day Web Toolkit

(2008-11-04) "The Live Election Results Feed will provide both Overall and State By State results throughout the evening as each contender demonstrates a Firm Lead, or is declared a Winner in each State."  (read more)

US Live Election Results Feed on your BlackBerry with Viigo

(2008-11-04) "The US election results 2008 are what every American and billions of people around the world are waiting for, Will it be Barack Obama or John McCain? And what better way to keep informed with the poll results than with your BlackBerry with a news feed called Viigo."  (read more)

Viigo Brings The NBA To Your Blackberry!

(2008-10-30) "If you are not using Viigo on your Blackberry yet, download it here and get with the program. If you are already using the wonder Software that brings RSS and much much more, you'll be pleased to know that the NBA is now on Viigo."  (read more)

Viigo Launches NBA Channel

(2008-10-29) "I’ve been looking for an easier way to keep up with the scores and my Lakers so why not in Viigo. Anybody who is anybody knows that Viigo is the best RSS reader and loves it."  (read more)

Viigo Brings the NBA to Blackberry

(2008-10-29) "I can’t express just how excited I am to be able to enjoy this. All news and information about the NBA and from is waiting right there on your smartphone for you to access. I've already been accused of spending way too much time with my Blackberry; this new service will not help my addiction."  (read more)

Viigo Launches NBA Service for all the Ballers Out There

(2008-10-28) "if you’re a Berry or Win-mo addict and also happen to be into the NBA, today I’ve got a treat for you. Viigo has launched a new NBA service just in time for the 2008-2009 regular season."  (read more)

Viigo Adds NBA coverage... Nice new features too

(2008-10-28) "It's actually pretty sweet, cuz it's not just scores... you can get schedules, news and bunch of other stuff... Even better, when you are checking schedules you can add the games to your calendar directly from Viigo (i.e., Cavs vs Lakers on Saturday...) pretty nice touch there."  (read more)

Viigo unleashes NBA service

(2008-10-28) "Typical of Viigo, the NBA service is tricked out way beyond simple NBA news feeds, offering a variety of features perfect for ballheads like myself."  (read more)

Where is my portable web reader?

(2008-10-24) "On the Tube and the train, I can read e-mail, a Twitter feed, and plough through loads of great websites via an offline RSS reader – currently Viigo on a Blackberry. This is much better than trying to fight with a paper, especially when the train gets crowded."  (read more)

RIM CTO: 10 Tips for Creating Great BlackBerry Applications

(2008-10-21) "Viigo, the mobile RSS reader for BlackBerry, is a great example of an app that stores updates on users' devices, so content can be accessed without wireless coverage."  (read more)

Times are to save a bit of money

(2008-10-21) "Outside of email, Viigo it is the application that I use the most on my phone."  (read more)

‘Why are you thankful for your BlackBerry?’

(2008-10-13) "Since having a blackberry I am informed by Viigo as to what is going on in the world and then I can take action to the news with my blackberry. It has drastically changed my life and I love it!"  (read more)

How I Make Do With A BlackBerry

(2008-10-13) "Viigo: I’m addicted. Yes RSS is awesome in general, however what makes Viigo special is that it’s a native app that pulls my feeds down automatically. When I’m stuck in the subway without a connection, I always have fresh content to read."  (read more)

Hockey Addict? Get Your NHL Fix with Viigo!

(2008-10-10) "For hockey addicts, and yes Mr. Balsillie, we know you're one of them, you now have convenient access to NHL scores, standings, schedules, headlines and team specific news and analysis. And it's available now... just in time for first puck drop of the NHL regular season!"  (read more)

VIIGO Running Beta

(2008-09-30) "I’m gonna say this now, I am totally shocked that i have not had this in my phone sooner."  (read more)

Free BlackBerry apps: Five can't-miss downloads

(2008-09-29) "If you're a news junkie looking to explore all the mobile content delivery options, you'll also want to check out Viigo, our recommended mobile RSS reader."  (read more)

3 creative ways to use your BBGeeks Tango RSS reader

(2008-09-17) "You will no doubt, immediately recognize the great new uses of the Viigo software in addition to the standard RSS reading, but aside from the obvious, there are a few interesting and creative ways to use the software as well."  (read more)

Viigo 3.0b3 (Newsreader)

(2008-09-16) "Viigo 3.0 is about to change the way you use your mobile, forever…"  (read more)

Six free downloads to help you get the most from your BlackBerry

(2008-09-02) "Viigo is not the only free mobile RSS readers for BlackBerrys, but its user interface is easier to read and more attractive than others like."  (read more)

Viigo and Canadian Newspaper to Bring Olympics to Mobile Devices

(2008-09-02) "The partnership has created a mobile version of Canada’s national newspaper and its associated Web sites."  (read more)

Six free downloads to help you get the most from your BlackBerry

(2008-09-02) "There are a plethora of choices for desktop and notebook computer users, but there aren't very many mobile readers that deliver the same quality--especially free readers. That's what makes Viigo special."  (read more)

Playing catch-up: An update to Viigo's WinMo app

(2008-09-01) "Viigo, long one of our favorite RSS readers, recently updated its free Windows Mobile beta of Project Tango to version 3.0.18."  (read more)

One Awesome Website

(2008-08-29) "This is one site you simply must check out! One of the cool things about my BlackBerry Curve (well, all the BBs that I’ve had) is that you can sign up to VIIGO and download RSS feeds to your BB."  (read more)

Read Any Good eBooks Lately?

(2008-08-25) "I enjoy reading in short spurts (as mentioned previously, I am seriously addicted to Viigo)"  (read more)

Get the Olympics on your BlackBerry (Round-Up)

(2008-08-17) "Viigo: Olympic news channel with schedules and medal standings."  (read more)


(2008-08-15) "So far I am enjoying Viigo the best..."  (read more)

Welcome | Viigo | Living Life Untethered

(2008-08-14) "Viigo does so much I don't know where to start. The fact that this is free blows me away!"  (read more)

Viigo Beta 3.0 for Windows Mobile

(2008-08-14) "Are you keeping up with the real world via your smartphone Are you constantly monitoring your ever increasing RSS feed. If thats the case maybe its time you tried out Viigo Beta 3.0"  (read more)

Globe and Mail to publish on small screens during Olympics

(2008-08-13) "The deal will provide smartphone users with free, ad-supported downloads of mobile, interactive and real-time information from the Beijing Summer Olympics."  (read more)

Viigo and Canadian Newspaper to Bring Olympics to Mobile Devices

(2008-08-13) "The Viigo mobile service delivers new levels of interactivity, permitting access to exclusive online content and providing a new opportunity for our readers to stay up to date on the latest news from The Globe and Mail, while on the go"  (read more)

Viigo Beta 3 opens, adds flight, stock, election info

(2008-08-13) "...differentiation in data types and sources, the organizational interface, and the ability to intuitively customize the channels and screen can only do Viigo good."  (read more)

Viigo Brings the Beijing Games to your Smart Phone

(2008-08-11) "This partnership creates a mobile version of Canada’s national newspaper and its associated websites, complete with comprehensive coverage of the Beijing Olympics this summer."  (read more)

Blackberry Tips and Tricks 101

(2008-08-11) "As a busy, important person, you want news you can use and you want it at your fingertips.Am I right? The answer is a product called Viigo, which is a super easy and fun RSS reader that you can access with a single click once it’s installed on your device."  (read more)

My Favorite 3rd Party Apps & Where to Get 'Em

(2008-07-19) ""  (read more)

Racing Content Introduced to Viigo

(2008-07-16) ""  (read more)

Babies = End of Your Social (Networking) Life?

(2008-07-04) "Viigo on my blackberry has proved a complete saviour, allowing me to catch up on the blogs and feeds I subscribe to at 3am in the morning while trying to sooth a crying babe-in-arms"  (read more)

Viigo 3.0 beta chases Yahoo Go 3.0 beta

(2008-06-29) "Viigo 3.0 beta is in good shape for forging ahead and quite possibly for besting Yahoo Go."  (read more)


(2008-06-29) "Viigo has become my favorite RSS reader for the Blackjack 2. I’ve hesitated to post a RSS reader because until I tried Viigo, I wasn’t entirely blown away."  (read more)

Boost your Blackberry with a Powerful RSS Reader

(2008-06-26) "In true Boston fashion, Viigo would be considered "wicked cool!" It’s a must have for smartphone users to be connected to web content in a fast, friendly way - especially for managers who can scan headlines and zap them to agents and clients (who can send them on, too)."  (read more)

Whats the big deal about a mobile browser anyway?

(2008-06-25) "While, I can see some benefits of having a nice mobile browser that renders pages just like my desktop browser, I don’t see any real necessity. To me, a good RSS aggregator (like Viigo for BlackBerry) has always been more effective for me."  (read more)

Mashable Officially Goes Mobile with Viigo

(2008-06-25) "Viigo - a mobile software company that has figured out how to overcome these hurdles, delivering an exceptionally fast (and data-light) mobile internet experience to your smartphone… and best of all, it’s FREE."  (read more)

Read Your Favourite Feeds Via Mobile Phones

(2008-06-23) "Viigo is a way to access content and services on your mobile device that's better than anything you've ever experienced. Viigo lets you discover and access the best of the Internet's content and services in an intuitive, fast, made-for-mobile format so compelling, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it."  (read more)

RSS Reader for BlackBerries

(2008-06-21) "I’ve had a few clients asking me about how to get RSS feeds on their BlackBerries. I have tried out a few and I seem to really like the Viigo reader. It’s completely free and easy to use. The best part about it? I can add all of the blogs here at IT Knowledge Exchange to the reader so I can read them on the go."  (read more)

REVIEW: Viigo simplifies mobile RSS

(2008-06-17) "Viigo is ideal for those willing to invest a little time in tailoring a mobile RSS offering to suit their needs. And it’s sophisticated enough that the more time you spend with it, the more you’ll get out of it."  (read more)

Viigo: A True Mobile RSS Reader

(2008-06-17) "Viigo is not the only free mobile RSS readers for BlackBerrys, but its user interface is easier to read and more attractive than others like."  (read more)

Top Ten BlackBerry Apps

(2008-06-04) "The best parts about Viigo are its flawless rendering of popular news sites and blogs and that it lets you keep up on your interests without having to start your Web browser."  (read more)

RIM WES 2008: My Five Favorite New BlackBerry Products and Services

(2008-05-19) "Project Tango takes this information delivery to the next level with the inclusion of weather forecasts, sports standings, information on local businesses and establishments, audio and podcasts and even flight status updates."  (read more)

Eight BlackBerry Applications Used by RIM Executives

(2008-05-18) "There you have it, eight BlackBerry Software Titles used by RIM execs. No shocker on the app choices here - all of these are greatapps."  (read more)

RIM VP on Mobile Enterprise Applications: Today and Tomorrow

(2008-05-14) "BT staffers currently use a wide variety of mobile apps on their BlackBerrys, ranging from the purely enterprise focused (SAP CRM) to programs with both business and consumer functionality (Viigo)"  (read more)

CNET Review of Viigo

(2008-03-11) "Viigo is a pretty slick-looking RSS reader that may make you want to replace your other mobile feed reader."  (read more)

Free application and Viigo Contest

() "A free and very useful application for the Blackberry Storm that not only has one function, but many. With Viigo you can have different ”modules’ that add functionality to the Viigo application itself."  (read more)