Business & Finance With features that include the ability to create and follow your own stock portfolio, calculate exchange rates, or even manage your online accounts, the Stocks & Finance module keeps you current with your financial matters.

My Portfolios

The "My Portfolios" channel allows you to create your own stock portfolio, name your portfolio, add stocks & funds, search for stocks, add by ticker symbol, even select exchange. Then track your equities as they are traded throughout the day.

My Accounts

Powered by PageOnce, "My Accounts" is a Premium Service available for $9.99 a year (14-day free trial), that allows you to manage all online accounts.

Industry Portfolios

The "Industry Portfolios" channel is a set of preselected stocks that provide a sense of the value movement in the Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Services, Technology and Widely Held Stock sectors.

Exchange Rates

Value a currency of choice relative to other world currencies.