Weather Viigo's Weather module allows for the immediate viewing of the current temperature and forecasts for cities around the world. Fully customizable so that addition and removal of cities can be done as travel plans are made or events take place. Select measurement units, forecasts for day, night or both.
Weather Video


Powered by, receive updates and forecasts for cities around the world.


Forecasts for day, night or both including commentary and graphical representation.

Units of Measure

Choice of preferred unit of measure, Fahrenheit (US) and Celsius (Metric), on a per city basis.

Detailed Information

Details include high and low temperature for the day, wind direction and gusts, UV index, rain accumulation, chance of precipitation, time of sunrise and sunset.

Radar Service

Radar service to view weather formation.

Tweet the Current Weather

With one click, share the weather of any city with your Twitter followers.

E-mail Weather

Send the current weather conditions and details to your contacts or to yourself.