Social Networks Stay connected to social networks including Twitter, FriendFeed and identica while you are away from your computer. All the functionality, such as posting to your microblog, following or unfollowing, retweeting, replying, and so much more is supported.


Viigo offers you the full Twitter experience. With support for multiple accounts, the ability to perform searches, follow public, friend or follower timelines, view favorite entries, replies, and direct messages, make tweets, direct messages, replies, retweets, follow or un-follow and favorite article.


FriendFeed on Viigo supports multiple accounts and searches, the ability to view public entries, friend entries, likes and rooms, as well as post messages, comments, likes subscribe or unsubscribe.

View the public, friends and followers timelines, favorite entries, replies and direct messages, Post a message, direct message, reply, forward, follow and favorite.